The Challenge

Create a iPhone version of their popular online virtual Daily Makeover product.

Our Solution

We decided not to try and replicate all the makeup application features available on the web version, as the experience is more limited on the smaller iPhone screen. So we focused on what would be the most fun and engaging aspect on a phone screen – the Hair module. In order to facilitate a viral element, a long list of celebrity hairstyles was pre-loaded. So a person can take a photo of themselves or a friend, upload it, browse and pick a hairstyle or multiple styles; save and email, or post to Facebook page. We also added a rotate ability to the pinch and zoom feature to make sure the end-result, of the hair position, looked authentic and not like those fake computer generated one’s where the hair floats on your head or is slightly off center.


Daily Makeover from Makeover Solutions, Inc., is the web’s leading beauty information site, providing virtual try-on technology and content needed for personalized makeovers.