Building a more intelligent CMS

Priorietary Social Media Content Management System


Priorietary Social Media Content Management System

Our Solution

While working on one-off pages on their ASP.NET based CMS, the Falcons staff voiced their frustrations on their existing content management system. We took their frustrations back to our drawing board and cam up with a plan.

We pitched them on a CMS that aggregated their social media as well as their multiple image and video libraries. This enabled their writers on the field to quickly publish articles, while our algorithm matched the appropriate featured image or video with the article.


The Atlanta Falcons are a professional American football team based in Atlanta, Georgia.

NOTE: website now managed by the NFL

Designing an intelligent social engine

Our social engine uses a custom algorithm with intelligent business logic to automatically match editorial content with the most relevant images and/or video and surface it to the site. This means their content editor no longer has to do this manually. Another great advantage, of our engine, is that unlike other CMS’s , there is no re-training or re-learning required. Contributors can post where and

how they normally do and our engine will retrieve the content from each location. Currently, our engine continuously pulls millions of bits of content from Flickr, YouTube, SmugMug, Twitter, Brightcove and all their blogs; indexes and presents it as searchable, in “real-time,” on their homepage.