We are a brand strategy, design and technology company that understands the power of ideas.
If technology is our DNA, then ideas are our lifeblood.

Our Leadership

We are passionate individuals who share a common vision and goal. We want to be most valued for our point-of-view, our integrity and our commitment to delivering work that both surprises and delights our clients.
Individually, we have managed some of the world’s most admired brands, and worked at the leading global agencies. Our personal experiences are diverse, as they are rich, but it is the sum of our parts that allows us to deliver the most unique and inventive solutions for you.

David Lin

Technology, Mobile & Infrastructure


Erik Wirtz

Creative + Design


Danielle Driver

Executive Producer


Chuck Lin



Cutting to the chase…

You might wonder how we are different from every other tech shop or small agency that claims to offer strategy, design, e-commerce, app development and blah blah blah…

Here’s the thing; we know that many companies can build an app, create a website, or make an e-commerce store function but few can help you make better decisions along the way; for your business and your customers. Decisions that will help increase your odds for success. What we deliver is the difference between functional and memorable. Between sexy, that looks great, and sexy that sells.

Our breadth of experience allows us to bring a rather unique perspective to every challenge. We begin by understanding your business and your customer needs, and only then do we try figure out how to solve your particular problem. As a result we always have the big picture in mind, even when we are sweating your details.

Unlike many other companies, you will never find us
trying to fit our round pegs into your square holes…


Armed with creative chops in the digital arena, we craft clear, purposeful, cutting-edge websites that please the eye, capture the mind and spark something inside you.

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Brand Strategy Workshops

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Environments we thrive in

We are experts in Marketing Technologies. We are the team that advertising agencies turn to for help with technical projects. We keep up-to-date on the latest technology trends for developing websites and apps, and we help large brands.



At our discovery meeting, we conveyed to urban pixels our desire to build a content management engine equipped for a transforming digital world; we were done with proprietary, sluggish, inflexible CMS platforms. This new flagship engine had to leverage tools already in the marketplace and be nimble enough to quickly integrate emerging tools that were right around the corner. Urban pixels' flagship is everything we wanted it to be, and more. They took a germ of an idea and delivered a platform that allows our digital media staff to truly shine.

Dan Levak, Director of Digital Media for Atlanta Falcons

Urban Pixels hosted a brand strategy workshop before the launch of our e-commerce site to help define who we want to be as a brand today, tomorrow, and five years from now. It was a lengthy and thought-provoking process, and not one that we would have been able to reasonably undertake ourselves. Urban Pixels helped us define our voice, which is no small feat in the crowded world of e-commerce.

Dominique Marano, Co-Founder (Former) - Paire

As a new e-commerce business we relied heavily on Urban Pixels to help us understand our target audience, and how to effectively reach them. The Urban Pixels team goes above and beyond in everything they do---design, U/X, e-commerce, shopping experience, analytics and driving sales. We can confidently say we would not be where we are today without both their technical expertise and their dedication.

Lissa Hussain, Co-Founder - Paire