The Fragrance Foundation

Responsive web design with an interactive voting system


The Fragrance Foundation site was intended as a trade website. As the foundation started to grow, and the audience increased, they needed a website that looks good on mobile and tablets.

We designed a responsive website that preserved their existing style and aesthetic through any device. Their new Content Management System and mobile-friendly voting system enabled users to register and vote for Fragrance Awards on their mobile devices.

This resulted in 30% growth of their mobile users.

Our Solution

The Consumer Choice Awards, one of the most coveted awards in the fragrance industry, regularly pit celebrity fragrances against each other. Scents made for stars like Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry, and others, usually make it to the final round, where the public can vote for their favorite.

They need a voting system that can handle the millions of followers that these celebrities can mobilize to participate and previously have taken down the site. We built a system that can handle millions of concurrent requests. Since we took over their website, the voting system and the site has never crashed.

Following a mobile-first approach, we created an easy to use, beautiful voting system that allowed Fragrance Awards participants to easily register and vote. We developed content strategy and recategorized sections to make it intuitive for the visitor.

On top of performance and simplification, we developed an easier Content Management System so that the staff can create content faster.


The Fragrance Foundation is the non-profit, educational arm of the international fragrance industry, founded in 1949. It sponsors the annual Fragrance Foundation Awards since 1973.

Starting with mobile

These days a lot of people are on the go. We wanted to start with the most common factor when designing the Fragrance Foundation voting system. Voters can make their choices with ease.

This resulted in a 30% growth of their mobile audience.

Early design concepts

Some design concepts made to launch, some didn't, but that's ok we are proud of them anyways.