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No longer do you have to search dozens of sites individually, just to find one movie to watch!

One sunny Friday afternoon the Urban Pixels team started talking about streaming movies. This topic of conversation led quickly to a shared frustration of having to search dozens of sites individually, just to
find one movie to watch– in today’s day and age there has to be a better way, they exclaimed, and there was not – www.canistream.it was born to solve the movie streamer’s exasperation.

It’s like Kayak for streaming services!

– Gizmodo


v2 Sneak Peek

Shhh... don't tell anyone but this is what we are working on for version 2.

Search Movies

Search the database of thousands of movies on several different services at once.

Search Television

Looking for a certain television show, use the TV Search to find out how you can watch it. Currently we are only searching Xfinity but plan on adding more services in the near future.

Set Reminders

Save titles to our reminders list and you will be notified when they become available.

Multiple Platforms

Can I Stream it? is available in a variety of formats. Web, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, as well as a Chrome plug-in to search titles right from your url bar.

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