The League of Amazing Programmers

A Non-Profit programming school with the mission of igniting young minds through programming


Urban Pixels was tasked with creating an engaging site to showcase students work as well as inform parents of what the League of Amazing Programmer school offers.

Our Solution

We conducted a discovery to understand The League’s business by researching the category, holding discovery meetings with key stakeholders as well as, speaking with teachers and students to create a more informed user experience. This fact finding mission armed us with the valuable insight we needed to formulate a new and clearly differentiated strategy and roadmap to help The League evolve their online presence. We also made the suggestion of utilizing the Volunteer Match API to allow The League to post job opportunities offered at the school.


The LEAGUE of Amazing Programmers is a 501c(3) non-profit programming school with the mission of igniting young minds through programming. We arm LEAGUE members in grades 5 through 12 with the critical thinking skills they need to prepare for science and technology careers of the 21st century.

Amazing Awaits Everyone

We started out interviewing key stakeholders at The League. Defining who their target audience was which turned out to be both the parents of current students as well as future students. We thought why stop there. We wanted to showcase work that the students were actually doing in the classes. So we suggested creating a weekly student showcase for top students along profiles of all students in the classes with links to their GitHub pages. This allowed parents of the students to follow along with their child’s progress in the classes.

Write up something about how the student levels are based on the bands of transistors. Orange, Yellow, Green, Pink, Dark Grey, etc…

Making it easy to donate

We created a simple two-step donation process so supporters could easily donate the amount of their choice. From $50 to $1000 or any amount users wish to donate, we utilized the PayPal API to make it easy to pay right from PayPal.

Since The League of Amazing Programmers was a 501(c)(3) non-profit they relied heavily on donations from parents as well as companies throughout San Diego and surrounding areas. We created a simple UI that allowed users to easily support the school and donate anywhere from $50 up to $1000 and if feeling generous we included an additional “Other” option to allow donations of more than $1000. We utilized the PayPal API to make it easy to pay right from PayPal.

Select the amount you wish to donate.

Send a message to the school with your donation.



  • Monthly visits post launch went up 25%
  • Mobile usage increased 50%
  • Average time on site increased to 6.25 minutes post launch

For the School

  • Attendance tripled with in 6 months.
  • Donations increased 40%.