Why Your Brand Should Leverage WeChat Authentication for Mobile Apps

By July 6, 2016 May 9th, 2019 China, Marketing, Mobile, Strategy, Technology

Earlier this month marked the release of Mary Meeker’s 2016 Internet Trends Report (http://www.kpcb.com/blog/2016-internet-trends-report). It’s an insightful read for anyone in the marketing and technology space.

One of the more surprising insights surrounds the rise of messaging platforms and their evolution towards business-focused uses. This rings especially true for WeChat, the mobile social network application in China.

As of May, WeChat has reached 762 million monthly active users (only 70 million are outside of China). In China, it’s used daily for messaging, broadcast messages, location sharing, in-store payments, shopping, sending money to friends, and even transportation. There’s even an enterprise version that let’s employees keep track of vacation days.

WeChat’s parent company, Tencent, has it’s own online bank, which promises higher returns than a traditional savings account. And yes, banking services can be accessed via WeChat. The messaging platform has already become what Facebook Payments, Apple Wallet and Google Pay aspire to be—with a sizable user base.

Major US brands with an eye towards the East already have a WeChat presence and are looking for new ways to tap into that audience. Just as users can sign up for your product or service with a Facebook or Twitter account, WeChat authentication allows for the same.  The primary benefit would be to allow a Chinese consumer to access your product or service with their existing WeChat credentials.

Urban Pixels has experience implementing WeChat authentication for clients. If your service or brand would like to do the same, please don’t hesitate to reach out at info@urbanpixels.com.



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