I love my LIFX. I got an Amazon Echo a few months ago, and I explored all the options under “Smart Home”.

After some research, I decided on LIFX WiFi Bulb (I chose the LIFX 1000 ).

Although it is the most expensive option of the bunch, I feel that having each bulb be its own controller eliminates the issue of “single point of failure”. With Philips Hue and GE Link, you need to purchase a hub to connect all the light. The hub becomes your single point of failure.

I initially bought two LIFX bulbs. Within a week, I realized that I needed this in some key places: living room, kitchen, bedroom, and my office. I ended up buying six light altogether, and got them connected to my Echo.

Yesterday, I realized just how important the LIFX bulbs were in my day-to-day life.

All of a sudden, all the bulbs went offline. Alexa was not able to find them, and I was not able to connect to any of the bulbs via the iOS app. I scoured the internet for any fixes that might be available, and tried everything: I did the LIFX reset, I reset my Airport Extreme, I turned off all the power in my apartment… nothing.

I didn’t realize how useful voice-activation for lights have been in my household.

So What happened?!?

The most logical explanation was that all the lights crashed during an automated firmware upgrade. I was not able to connect to my bulbs, even after a LIFX reset. After a few frustrating hours, I came across the LIFX desktop firmware updater. I decided to give it a try.

I downloaded it, and launched the app. It searched my WiFi for any LIFX devices, and it said it wasn’t able to find any. I was disappointed. It was my last ditch effort.

I came up with another idea: What if I did a LIFX reset, and then connect my laptop to the LIFX WiFi, and then forced the firmware update via the desktop app?

And… That WORKED!!!

I am a happy camper again.



Download the LIFX desktop firmware updater

Reset the LIFX Bulb by using this: http://support.lifx.com/hc/en-us/articles/200468240-Hardware-Resetting-LIFX-Bulbs

Find the WiFi hotspot of the reset bulb from your laptop.

Force update the firmware via the firmware updater desktop app.



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