The Challenge

Create and grow Preston’s global presence

Our Solution

When we met Preston his website, like most sites, resembled a passive brochure site and did not engage his clients more actively. Even though weddings and parties deeply personal and highly involved occasions. Our vision for involved moving it away from a typical website and turning it into an active social portal that allows prospects and clients to become part of the process of planning and organizing their big event.

To enable this unique experience we added:

Three blogs
Four Channels
A portfolio site
Games (2nd most popular feature on site)
Before & After Tool

About Preston Bailey

Preston Bailey is an award winning event designer. He is renowned for his breathtaking weddings, unique floral designs, centerpieces, floral artistry, and inspired table settings.

Before and After

We came up with the idea for a “Before and After” tool to showcase how only Preston can take an ordinary,
everyday location and transform it into a magical oasis. It is the most popular feature on the site:

See the before and after