The Challenge

Create an e-portfolio for LaGCC that is easier to use, has depth of features & functionality, and better analytics.

Our Solution

Conducted detailed discovery to understand LaGCC’s qualitative and quantitative needs
Built a custom faculty e-portfolio:
Designed simple and intuitive navigation & User Experience
Added social elements to enhance participation
Built searchable library for all documents
Automated various analytics tools

Site designed to reduce learning curve for users by removing technical complexity and increasing ease-of-use. Faculty now focus on learning, sharing and improving; admin have rich analytics tools to provide better reporting and deeper insights

About LaGuardia CC

LaGuardia was founded in 1971 as the ultimate experiment in opening the doors of higher education to all, and we proudly carry forward that legacy today. At LaGuardia Community College, we believe that a better world starts by asking, “What if?” The courage to question and the drive to experiment define our students’ success and our faculty’s accomplishments.